Forge - Singles and Soundscapes

by Gopal Metro

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released August 28, 2013

Gopal Metro



all rights reserved


Gopal Metro Charlottesville, Virginia

A collection of solo material from the co-founder of Bella Morte, Brighter Fires and Gild The Mourn

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Track Name: Forge
You led, I followed
Faith blind to a thousand lies
Your dreams proved hollow
Your words concealed cries

Here, now, I cast it all away
With the promise of a brighter day
The road ahead calls me away
I wish you well my friend...

We forge ahead
We march ahead
We forge ahead
We march ahead

Those who've lost
Come walk with me
Rise up and join the fight
After so much shadow
Our new world burns ultra-bright

Step in step
And foot for foot
The Storm grows stronger
Hand on blade, a thousand walls will fall
Hand on heart, we will rule

We forge the dream

We forge ahead
We march ahead
We forge the dream
Track Name: Beneath the Surface
My tears will run again,
What is my fear and pain to you?
As here I sit, awake
Await another blade

Here I am in chains
Down, down into my mind
Follow me and I will walk again
And with my fear, you will not sleep

I'll rise

Won't you pull these needles through
Won't you pull me through
Sew shut remembrance
Burn away my eyes

Torment cannot hold me close to you
No matter what you do,
No matter how you bind my flesh
I'm free
Cries will not escape my lips
Until your skull is deep embedded
Far beneath this bloodied floor

You'll die...
You'll die...

Light your bulb (Lie with me)
And strap me to my bed
Razors bite and
engines bright, alight
Yet you cannot burn away my rage
Poison drip may boil blood away
But my strength is gunlit bright today
Never could you cause my harm
So, holding you, I'll take you down with me
Deep into this pit you'll follow me
And you'll never get away
Deep within this pit you'll sit and watch
Show you much of hate and pain and loss
Oh, you'll never get away

(You are all I have)
Track Name: Time Draws Near
In this ring rides eternity
On your heart it stands
A fingers breadth holds all my world
Through cruel cold years of dream

But now I am awake
Yes, now I am awake

This is the beginning... For ever more